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Profit Tracking

Leanseller imports your orders from Amazon every few minutes and generates sales report for each SKU in real-time. No more paperwork! No more Spreadsheet!

If you're tracking your profit manually at the moment, you will quickly appreciate what Leanseller can do for you in terms of speed and accuracy.

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Reimbursement Manager

Leanseller continuously monitors inventory adjustments and your refunds to see if you are owed money by Amazon.

We can identify the following cases which are grounds for reimbursements:

  • Damaged inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers
  • Damaged inventory by Amazon partner carriers
  • Refunds issued by Amazon after the 30-day window closed
  • When buyers don't return the product they purchased after receiving a refund.

Get Granular View of your Amazon Payouts

Leanseller provides you with a means to view your Amazon payout in an easy to read format. Not only that, you can view your payout by SKU, sales channel and fulfillment channel.

You will be able to see how much you have made or how much you have been charged by Amazon for any transaction type.

Your accountant will love our payout report.

Simple Inventory Manager

Amazon provides you with a great deal of raw data about your inventory. Extracting actionable numbers out of that data is time consuming. Leanseller's inventory manager organizes these data in a meaningful and easy to read format.

  • Takes inventory snapshot at any point in time. Very useful for accounting.
  • Daily inventory tracking.
  • View the reasons why buyers return your products.
  • Product cost tracking.
  • Segment products by custom category for better management.

Simple Order Manager

Filter and sort orders by a number of criteria.

View refunds details along with customer return status.

Export orders/refunds as a csv

Mobile Friendly

Need to check your stats on the run? No worries, Leanseller is mobile friendly.

Simple Pricing

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Start Free Trial
Both monthly and yearly subscriptions have the following features.
  • Unlimited orders/month
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited historical data download
  • Real-time profit tracking
  • Daily inventory tracking
  • Products cost tracking
  • Amazon payout tracking
  • Orders Manager
  • Amazon reimbursement manager
  • Product performance report
  • Promotions performance report


  • Usually you will see your orders on Leanseller within 5 minutes.
  • We update inventory on a daily basis.
  • Reimbursements data is updated weekly.
  • Settlement/payout data is updated when Amazon makes it available. Usually every two weeks.
  • No. Leanseller is a cloud based application. You access it using a web browser.

    If you decide not to upgrade your account after your trial, Your account will be canceled and your data will be deleted from our servers after a grace period of 7 days.

    If you cancel your subscription before your trial ends your data will be automatically removed from our servers after a grace period of 7 days.

    • If you have been struggling to figure out how much you are profiting from each sale you generate on Amazon, Leanseller will solve that problem for you.
    • Leanseller can help you track your inventory and buy cost very easily and flexibly.
    • Track your products sales performance by custom category.
    • Leanseller can help you identify and recover reimbursements for your damaged inventory and refunds.
    • Get a very detailed view of your settlement report in an intuitive manner.
    • Keep track of important sales events by creating annotation on your sales report.
    • If you want to see how successful your promotional coupons have been in terms of generating sale/profit, Leanseller can do that for you as well.
    • ...and a lot more.

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