Pricing and Plans

14-day free trial. No credit card required. Cancel with one click.


  • Up to 1,000 orders/month
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • All features included
  • Amazon US, CA and EU
  • Email Support
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  • Up to 10,000 orders/month
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • All features included
  • Amazon US, CA and EU
  • Email Support
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  • Up to 25,000 orders/month
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • All features included
  • Amazon US, CA and EU
  • Email Support
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  • Up to 50,000 orders/month
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • All features included
  • Amazon US, CA and EU
  • Email Support
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All three tiers have the following features.
  • 2 years historical data download
  • Real-time profit tracking
  • Daily inventory tracking
  • Products cost tracking
  • Amazon payout tracking
  • Order & Refund manager
  • Buyers data report
  • Amazon reimbursement manager
  • Product performance report
  • Promotions performance report
  • Product tagging (custom categories)
  • Sales report annotation
  • Export all data
  • Timezone switch
  • Sessions and conversion rates reports
  • PPC reporting
  • Privacy option

Please get in touch, if your monthly order volume is more than 50,000.


  • Usually you will see your orders on Leanseller within 5 minutes.
  • We update inventory on a daily basis.
  • Reimbursements data is updated weekly.
  • Settlement/payout data is updated when Amazon makes it available. Usually every two weeks.

No. Leanseller is a cloud based application. You access it using a web browser.

Yes, we download your data for the last 3 months while you're on trial and up 2 years when you upgrade to paid account.

Leanseller can help you view your sales data from one or more markets at a time. You can get a complete picture of your business by aggregating all data from every marketplace you sell in (both Amazon North America and Europe). Or if you want to see smaller details, you can view your sales data for one SKU, for one marketplace, fulfilled by Amazon or merchant, in a given day, at specific hour.

Currently, the report we generate is in USD, but we have a plan to add more currency options.

When you first sign up, we calculate your monthly average order volume based on the last 3 months sales data. We place your account in one of our subscription tiers according to you average monthly order volume. We review your monthly average order volume every billing cycle and when your order volume exceeds the current subscription threshold, we will move your account to a bigger tier for the next billing and vice versa.

We always let you know when your account gets upgraded or downgraded to new tier one month prior to charging your card.

Leanseller tracks cost using date ranges. For example lets say you purchased 50 units of one SKU at $20/unit and you sold them all in January. We will use $20 as a product cost for that SKU to calculate your profit in January. If you purchase the same SKU at $18/unit next time, we will use $18 to calculate profit for new sales starting from February 1 ... and so on.

  • Leanseller also allows you to apply costs for past orders.
  • You can apply product cost either individually one by one or in bulk by uploading a csv file.
  • Yes, absolutely. Just send an email to and we will help you get setup.

    When you cancel your subscription, your data will be removed from our servers after a grace period of 7 days. The only info we keep about you is your email address and Seller ID.

    If you resume your subscription in the future, your account will start afresh.

    No, our reimbursement management solution is self service. We help you identify cases where Amazon owes you money and provide you with CSV files that can be submitted to Amazon. You need to open the cases yourself.

    In addition to identifying reimbursement cases, we also give you a very nice tool that helps you manage your reimbursement cases.

    Yes, you can change the timezone to your local time.

    The privacy option allows you to temporarily switch the images of your products with random images we have made available for you.

    In addition, the feature also obfuscates your product's title, SKU, ASIN and Order IDs so that you can share your screen with others without the risk of revealing the products you carry in stock.

    The sales report annotation feature helps you add notes into sales report graph at a specific date. For example, when you change price, start running a promotion, etc. you can keep a note about that directly in the sales report graph.

    You can email us at or you can leave us an offline message using the widget on this page

    You can also checkout our support site