Reimbursement Manager

Our reimbursement management solution is self-service. We help you identify cases where you may be owed money for damaged inventory and refund related issues and provide you with a report that can be submitted to Amazon to ask for reimbursement.

You have to open the cases on your own and follow up with Amazon seller central support. We do not file reimbursement claims on your behalf. And you do not need to grant us access to your seller central web interface.

All data we use to reconcile your inventory and orders is gathered through MWS API.

When you first signup for our software, we generate a reimbursement report for you based on the last 6 months data. If you have been selling during that time, there is a good chance that you may find several reimbursable cases. You can use the money you recover through our reimbursement manager while using our free trial to pay for your subscription later.

When you upgrade to a paid account we reconcile all of the data in your account.

Inventory reimbursement and customer return data is gathered and processed every week.

You can tag the data you have opened cases for as "case opened" and when you hear back from Amazon, you can mark them as "approved" or "denied" so that you know which ones you have submitted to Amazon and which ones you have not.

We also assist you in marking the approved reimbursement cases as they made available by Amazon via MWS API.

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